Marketing Calendar

Get your own guide to building your business. You will see how the important tasks get done & new customers will be the result

Unfortunately we have seen too many business owners get lost in the process. They wasted time and money buying into directories, mailing bad promotional pieces, going to the wrong events and much more. They got frustrated after listening to too many web developers, printers, sales people and others who promised that a single service was The Answer. That cost them years of potential customers going to the competition. Very often Steady Contractor clients are better than average at delivering high quality results. But they don’t know where to start to get new business .

There is no perfect single marketing tool, each successful business uses a mix of tools at the right time.

So the Marketing Calendar was developed. Different versions were created and slowly, over about 15 months, it got better. It now shows all the choices available for your type of business, then, based on a detailed Interview with the owner, the right mix of marketing tools and systems is built. You don’t get it all: only what you need. You will learn How-To-Do what’s important. One example: Don’t pay us to do what can be simple for you do. What can be done to support you? Give that task to someone who helps you, to save you time and accelerate results.

This is not a highly detailed Marketing Plan; it is something you can take action on right away.

How The Calendar Is Built

1. We have done serious research into what works for specific types of design, contracting and other construction-related services;

2. Our many years of business communication experience cuts away the “maybe do” tasks, and the “must do” are the priority;

3. A detailed interview with you, the business owner, to understand what’s already done and successful, and which few areas need help.

How You Use The Calendar; And How It’s Delivered To You

It’s a calendar, simple: You look at each week, and what has been scheduled into the week. then you decide which day and hour that task will be done by you or someone helping you. The List of Task and Routines needed for your Business Development includes the approximate time needed to complete each.

It’s a how-to instruction book: Each Task or Routine has it’s own instructions and checklist. Some even have samples so they are easy to follow. You receive what you need in a format that’s easy to use.

It’s for assistants or business owners: You can get someone else to do work that gets you ready for the important work. That saves time and increases results. When something is highly specialized, like graphic design or writing, you know when it’s needed and can prepare. No surprises.

Printed calendar; calendar on smart phone; or reminders and links sent to your phone: you choose.

Printed CalendarCalendar on Smart Phone